FDUSD is a 1:1 USD-backed Stablecoin.

Revolutionize global finance with a cutting-edge digital stablecoin, providing businesses and builders with security, speed, and innovation worldwide.

Stability Meets Innovation

Experience lightning-fast speeds and minimal costs. Shape the future of finance with our innovative and trusted solution.

  • Redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars

    FDUSD is intended to be a fully backed by cash and cash equivalent assets. Tokens are intended to be redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars.

  • Backed by fully reserved assets

    Reserved assets are held in fully segregated bankruptcy-remote holding structures.

  • Fully Programmable

    With our innovative stablecoin solution - backed by advanced technology, we aim to provide a safe and reliable alternative that brings peace of mind, making a positive impact in the world of finance.

Settle in minutes
Near-zero Cost
Always-on, 24/7
Fully Programmable

Rewrite Future with First Digital Labs

Combining stability with innovation at First Digital Labs, we are committed to gaining trust by offering unwavering transparency, compliance and security backed by cutting-edge technology.

We are on a mission to propel the financial industry into a new era of finance and reshape the global financial landscape.

Why Should You Use First Digital USD?

Collateral is safeguarded by a top-tier, qualified custodian with a trust license for seamless asset protection and regulatory compliance.



Independent attestation - the collateral is validated by an independent third-party, ensuring the integrity of the reserves and financial reporting.

Examined by Prescient Assurance

Attestation Reports

FDUSD October 2023
										 Attestation Report
FDUSD September 2023
										 Attestation Report
FDUSD August 2023
										 Attestation Report

Which Networks Are Supported?

FDUSD is available on Ethereum and BNB Chain with planned support for an increasing number of blockchains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acquiring FDUSD can be achieved in a couple of ways. If you are a key industry player, a financial intermediary, or a professional investor of a certain stature and meet the requisite criteria, you can directly purchase FDUSD from First Digital Labs. Please note that First Digital Labs does not sell tokens directly to retail customers.

You can still obtain FDUSD through secondary markets without becoming a client of First Digital Labs. Many leading cryptocurrency exchanges list FDUSD and offer substantial liquidity. This provides an accessible and convenient way for interested individuals to acquire FDUSD. It's always essential, however, to conduct thorough research and ensure the credibility of the exchange you're using.

Your trust in the FDUSD stablecoin value is well-grounded. Each FDUSD is intended to be fully backed by one US dollar or an asset of equivalent fair value. These assets are safely held by a qualified custodian in accounts with regulated depository institutions, providing a solid foundation for the coin's value. This system is what provides FDUSD with its inherent stability and why you can trust its equivalent value to the US dollar.

To redeem your FDUSD stablecoin, you must first become a client of First Digital Labs and meet specific requirements, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) checks. Upon successful completion of these checks, you can exchange your FDUSD for its equivalent in fiat currency, thereby taking it out of circulation. Alternatively, you can sell your FDUSD tokens on the secondary market through a cryptocurrency exchange or an Over-the-Counter (OTC) provider that supports FD121's stablecoins. Please be aware of all legal and financial regulations in your jurisdiction before proceeding.

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